03 September, 2010

Special Edition: In Memoriam Rave Puella

First, I want to thank you for CLICKing your way here. I woke up early yesterday morning eager to jump in and post moar raver chick pics, talk about raver girls, and ogle the same right along with you. I began typing and realized almost immediately what I was going to write didn't 'fit' within the context of my blog. I typed, trashed, retyped, edited--gave up--then started the process alll over again. I swas still compelled to write this article. I even considered simply saving it for a rainy day and publish moar of the same hoping to increase my readership through luscious eye candy. But just this once I want to share this with you gais and I hope that by the time you finish reading it you will understand.

This is, after all: "ALL the Rave Chix."
Thank you,
'What drugs haven't I tried?' is a short list indeed. Further, there's a veritable cornucopia of pharmaceuticals coursing through my bloodstream at this very moment (hah). Avoiding hypocrisy, I cannot condemn. In some cases I encourage.

Yeah, I'm THAT friend.

But death comes on swift wings to the misguided. One day you and I will shed the immortality of our adolescence and realize how fleeting our blinking existence really is.

It couldn't be a risk if it wasn't reality.

Take the raver's choice: Ecstasy (I mean for example ...well mostly...)

The affects are awesome indeed. It makes me smile—doesn't really matter my mood. But somehow that alone will tickle me crazy and I start laughing. When I grab a cold bottle of watter, it feels icy and tingles my nerves like static. I have wave after wave of understanding for everyone, everywhere. The hoarde of strangers feels closer to me than family: we are the frenzied collective. Everything I do becomes as effortless as floating through space and it all slows waaaaaay down causing whirling, twirling, glow sticks to mesmerize in a way I cannot describe. And the BEAT of the music overwhelms. It is my pulse. I move, I don't want to stop moving. No food or water, thank you—no pause. I keep dancing with and within the universe, I crave the beat...I want moar.  The air feels cooler, the sound purer, touch is electricity. It is, for lack of a better word, Ecstasy.

The better something feels, the worse it is for you.

Now imagine feeling this in a coliseum packed with this thumping, bumping, pumping fevered, frenzied collective. Your core temp is rising. Despite the heat of the crowd hour by hour you may feel cooler, but never tired. A rainbow of lasers and strobe lights jitter your world while your body breaks into a suicidal sweat, blood pumping thick through your veins before you finally feel the stifling heat. Your body is spent and what doctors consider important organs are in distress. You begin chugging water to cool down and satisfy the unquenchable thirst—your body short-circuits instead. You pass out. People are walking on you while you lay prostrate. First the ambulance, then the E.R., and finally to ICU with friends and family in tow, waiting in tears and baited breath by your side...you've pushed your body beyond it's limit, but by now if you're lucky--very lucky--you'll live to regret it.

Some don't.

Sasha Rodriguez (Family photo)

I imagine this is what happened to junior raver Sasha Rodriguez (15, Los Angeles) at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in June—she collapsed, was stepped on, carried out, and died days later never regaining consciousness. As we've heard before: the family members were shocked to learn she took Ecstasy, or any drug for that matter. Sasha never told her family she and her friend were even going to the rave. It was her first.

My heart goes out to them. Sasha could have been experimenting that night, or someone could have slipped it to her. But don't discount the possibility she may not have known what she was taking.

For those not in the know, this is what Ecstasy looks like:

Also Ecstasy
Ecstasy again and again...
Yup, you guessed it: E and E and Eeeeeeeeee!
When you see it...
(a.k.a. Tylenol)
(a.k.a. Not Ecstasy)

Ecstasy doesn't have to be a pill. It could be slipped into a drink, or food, or laced into a cigarette (read: joint). Protip: Don't eat, drink, or get smokes from strangers. So, if you've taken E, or even think you've taken E, stay hydrated. Eat something now and then. Give your body a chance to rest occasionally. It's the perfect opportunity to get some face-time with whats-his-name (or whats-her-name). Keep friends close. Chix know the code: Always travel in packs. Don't chug water after a dry spell. Hydrate slowly and steadily because the sudden rush of electrolytes throws a depleted body into shock—causing the important organs to fail (such as the brain). Don't be afraid to hit up staff for medical assistance. If it's not hosted by a carnival of retards, they'll know what to do.

Raves get bad press. There are drugs at raves, but no more so than any other worthwhile party. The crowds are generally less violent than their mainstream equivalent (not violence-free). E and raves go hand in hand, therefore it's always prevalent. But I know plenty of people that have just as much fun straight and sober. (So they keep telling me:)

In the time since Sasha's passing, Insomniac, the producer of EDC has announced a new 18+ rule for future events and a procedural review. I guess the idea is make certain 15 year old girls without I.D. can't get in, take drugs, or be hurt.

Some questions for you:
Do you feel Insomniac could have stopped drugs and underage audiences from entering the rave as well as assure the safety of everyone attending this massive event that drew 185,000 people?

Insomniac promise this will never happen again?

Should raves be drug-free?

What, if anything, about the rave scene is worth fighting for?
The public is using this tragedy as a sound-bite to further regulate and destroy the rave scene as we know it. Bans have been issued; lawsuits filed; regulations tightened. I'm curious to hear your feelings on this.

Thank you my friends for taking the time to read this and I welcome all of your feedback.


  1. Wow, that was great. I dunno about it man... I don't know if raves or rave culture would even exist without ecstasy, and if it left the scene, the scene would leave too imo

  2. Thx WOB! I didn't know if it was to serious. Def not the norm 4 me.

  3. Man I don't fuck with ecstasy


  4. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

    Anyway, just passing by, clicking and appreciating your post, have a nice day :-)

  5. WOW what a post, thanks for this~~ rave chix are the sexiest things

  6. Quads man. Way to go.

  7. good post, thanks for sharing..

  8. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I support what you're trying to accomplish on yours.

    Regards, The Professor

  9. Wow, what a great write up. That was informative with a bit of personal touch.

  10. Yes, this one did feel personal to me. The places that I've been and things I've done...it could very well be me. A little knowledge goes a long way.

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  12. i just wanted to say something again.

  13. Man, that girl looks like someone I know.

  14. I thjink WakeOfBuzzards is right. Raves thrive because of E, and E thrives because of raves. They have incredible impacts on each other. Can you imagine raving without tripping or rolling?

  15. O I could talk to you for hours about certain things I will not publicly state