11 September, 2010

ITT: CLICK THIS! - This Raver's Fantasy - & - PUMP UP for the !||JUMBOPOST||! with the notoriously awesome fanTABulistic KICKYOINYOAZZ never-before-seen SUPER ... MONDO ... phantasmagorical [-!-[-!-[ M E G A T I T L E ]-!-]-!-] WOOOHOOOT!!!!!


Today you're gettin the MEAT...THEN the potatoes! That's right, I'm driving this blog up yo AZZ like a Greyhound bus. After what you've done, YOU DESERVE IT!!! So let's sli_________p this BITCH INTO CRUISE CONTROL AND DO IT!!! 

*MOAR crowd*


Now let's take it back down...let those sensations linger...just feel the life coursing through your veins. Catch your breath...and just let it flow through you wave after wave thick with happiness...delight. In this moment you are free.

It's such a pleasure reading your comments and I'm sending out a special appreciation to everyone for their thoughtful replies to what I only later realized was more of a baw thread than a post I'd be proud to display. I've had a rough couple of days here as you can tell. Letting things bring me down, being a little bitchy, etc. So if I projected that upon you I do apologize.

A little background info: I got a ticket yesterday. It was total BS, and is very difficult to explain--except that the placement of this particular stop sign made it hard to tell where (exactly) I was supposed to stop. I chose wrong. So like every girlI know I turned into a complete ditz (female citation defense mechanism). Did NOT help that the officer was a woman--an older woman...an older black woman to be precise, and an employee of a city that (the natives NOW tell me) everyone avoids like the plague because of all of the tickets they write. And I was in a work vehicle. A work vehicle which didn't have any insurance or registration papers in it. She kindly informed me that it's my responsibility to check these things every time I drive someone else's car. That's a nice piece of information to have right there. She was also kind enough to threaten to arrest me on the spot. That was exciting.

This was just after a huge blowup with my parents regarding my recreational activities. In their opinion being uprooted and dragged half-way across the country away from my friends was supposed to be a "new start" for me, an opportunity to get my head out of the clouds and take life seriously. I earn straight-A's (read: 4.0), am meticulous about my job, take care of my day-to-day responsibilities and I'M the child they're afraid to introduce to their friends?

"But the going out and the constant partying has to stop." - The Mom and Daddy Duet

Not to outdo their greatest hit: "Honey, yes we're proud of you...BUT..." Love listening to that one.

OHHH...and THAT was just after the class where my professor not only gave me a private lecture about mixing MLA and APA formatting styles (transferring schools from one state to the next, still learning APA) but threw in the added distinct insinuation that I stand a fighting chance of maintaining my 4.0 at this new school if I would fuck him. Well fuck him. After all this...nobody wants to be him when I'm back in class on Monday. ;)

So it's Friday night, I'm emotionally drained and I'm staying in my dorm-room. (the irony hasn't escaped me). Surfed me some YouTube, watched lots of vids (such as above), and thinking how great it would be to meet DJ Ti. That's this raver's fantasy. I have lots of DJ favs, mainstream, up-and-coming, independent, and I'll share them in due time. But tonight it's me and DJ Ti. He is...sohawt. *smiles dreamily* Not to like a club or anything (tho that'd be hellacool) but I wonder what it would be like to just hang out...like at Starbucks. And speaking of Starbucks...

This, my dear friends, is what we call a segue.
I know, pic barely even grazes 'related', but it made me
laugh. It's from Maddox. Verah Funeh.
Starbucks is my haven. Yeah there's caffeine, sugar, snackies, trinkets, and wi-fi, but...well, come to think of it that pretty much sums up it's awesomeness. I love hiding there, just me, my venti mocha frap, maybe my laptop or a book...depends. Tim's right, you can't beat 'bucks. Thanks! So it's kinda hard to picture a lap dance topping that some days but...dammit NIGMA, you're right, at least it'd be nice to have on the menu. Call it...Starfucks!?! :P  Think of the possibilities. Consequences will never be the same, eh Barnacle? I shouldn't tease, it's sosad you have no 'bucks, but I think you could start your own 'fucks and it'd go off like a bang. If you do, don't forget send me some love for the name! Gotta pay for that ticket...$187, I mean seriously, WTF? Cynthia, maybe you and Barnacle can get a 'fucks chain going? I'd ...uh...come. ;)

Let's see (wow, too many others to list here)... I like Darude a lot partially cuz it was really my first exposure to the scene. It wasn't my parent's rock'n'roll that I was used to that's for sure, I was like in awe that music could sound like that. 'Course it's a Ti night so we'll just be talkin about DJ's named Ti. lol ....Ti...oh my...

I read and appreciated each one of your comments. They made me think...and they made me smile. I think it's remarkable how this motley crew keeps bouncing off itself to find people like you to take the time to offer your genuine advice, thoughts, and share a little part of yourselves too. I think it's--for lack of a better word--awesome.

Anti-1337.: I think that's a great idea!  I don't know much about these gadgets so I'll see what I can hook up. BTW, you know like a bunch of the links in your profile go to anti-1337.blogspot but your blog URL has no dash? Keeps sayin 'blog not found' unless I click that link under "My Blogs" in your profile. Messes up in Google Reader too :|

One last side-course:
(In order of appearance.)



Cyber Police


 Man, gettin images where you want'em on Blogger is a pain in the ass!

Thank you each for your wise & kind words tonight. I don't really see raving as my lifestyle as much as someone else would view going to the movies as theirs. Raves don't happen every day and it's not like a girl like me/my age can just stroll into a club (barely even look 18). And really until this blogging thing came along it was the only thing I could think of doing on the weekend ('cept for the odd party). Sure sometimes I trip...or roll...or flip...or just stroll--even now it's 4:42am and I've been trying to write this post since about 11p.m. (Mind wanders quick and fast :P ). I know I'll get enough sleep before class Monday and nothin big doing this weekend so I figured what the hay. I believe you're right that you can't let the party get in your way, but I also believe you can't let it pass you by. I have what I think is a pretty kickin party blog and I'm still learning what to do, working my way around it, but honestly there aren't many parties to be had here during the school year. So it looks like I'll have to trade vices.

On a sidenote: Ninadle, sadly no I can not go. I had everything lined up to be in Rockdale the night of the 3rd to be back on the 6th but I haven't been at this job very long so my vacay was disapproved. I can understand that though, being new.

Let's see...there's something I'm forgetting...

oh yeah


This is not your conventional raver girl! I know guys are usually all like "man what i'd like to do to her!" In her case I think it's more like "man, what the hell would she do to me?" She is a fierce, confident, girl and very comfortable in front of the camera.

And now a preview of what's to come...you WILL be surprised! If you're not...then would you at least pretend to be?

You Will Be Surprised

Well that's me folks. It's been a pleasure spending this evening thinking of all of you! I'll have to hit you guys up after wakeup, cuz the words on the screen are getting all fuzzy. lol

Peace! Make love not war! Flower Power!


Kay See Period, Signing out.

P.S. Thank's for clicking around. :b


  1. Wow. I was really on a roll last night.

  2. I wish she wasn't doing this next to a portapotty, but the color works well for the photo.

  3. Yooooooo

  4. Yeah, ew, right? One of my gf's said the same thing, but with the shadowliner and her expression just makes her look all 'filthy hawt' heh

    Hiya Nigma! (As in...Edward?) Didja catch my lil shout-out to ya at the end?

  5. She was pretty cute. I think I'll go to the next Electrical Daisy. I miss those days..

  6. Kewl story, bro!


    happy 9/11!

  7. Haha, huuge post! Lot of work here, keep it up!

    Now leave me alone, gotta finish to read this =P

  8. big thanks for pointing that out KC~ everytime i visit here i remember my first rave, it was at otakon lol

  9. :O i didn't even notice the porta potty. starfucks lol wasn't that in idiocracy? If you're taking care of your responsibilities then thats different. what you do in your free time shouldn't matter to others. one of my biggest pet peeves is when other people try to force their point of view or lifestyle on others. keep your chin up regardless of anything that happens.

  10. hey if you can afoord your habit im all for it ! !!!!

  11. i would smash the chick in the last pic

  12. Oh gosh. You've gone and made me feel all special now.
    I hope things pick up for you, and your parents (for lack of a better phrase) pull their heads out of their asses. You sound like a really upstanding girl- I'd be proud to have a daughter like you. Balancing a life as active as yours sounds isn't easy.

    It's a hobby right now, but I got paid for the first time today for a knife I've been makin'! A few people have expressed interest in having me make them something, and paying me for it as well. It's all pretty exciting for me, since I would like to do this for a living some day.

  13. man, that was a lot of info
    my brain is full of shit

  14. Thanks for the support!
    I like raves so Im definitely following.

  15. Jesus, you have one of the most entertaining and comprehensive blogs I've ever seen. I look forward to seeing where you go with this and have decided to follow you.

    Also, in case you're interested, I have a blog as well. It's the life story of a badass told in the style of a classic American tall tale, like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill, only he's born in 1950s Americana. It's a fusion of the fantastical (semi-sentient bears for instance) with the real (the Vietnam War). Looking for actual readers rather than clickers/supporters, so if you like what you see, stick around. :)


  16. Fuck, reading your blogs is so much fun.

  17. oh man i didn't know delirium was still around

  18. even though the chicks are hot, raves weird me out

  19. Damn, sucks about you getting a ticket. I just got a ticket too... also in someone else's car, and I also couldn't find the insurance card. Sucks

    and OH SHIT! Thanks for posting that picture from Maddox's site. I totally forgot about that dude. Gonna go read his Segway article now

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  30. i LOVE your blog for real. i can't believe i actually read all of that. and i know what you're talking about with those stop signs. i've seen a few where there's like two different places to stop. i don't know if i chose the right one or not because i never got a ticket or an accident. :D
    lovin's <3<3

  31. Wow, love blog post, just commenting letting you know I'm enjoying the sexy women so far. Thanks, keep the great posts coming! Off to read!

  32. Hi gais!

    @SMITTY: lol WOW...thank you! After my wake-up I had go back and read it all too. I wanted it to live up to the title. SUCCESS!

    @Savage Nugget: I 'LIKE' inyoface action. I figure if it doesn't entertain the masses, at least I'll entertain myself.

    @Mantooth: inorite? After McGruff was done with me I felt like she had siphoned off my soul. For a few awkward minutes I had no joy. Felt like a feather that had fallen softly down...down...and gently landing on rock bottom. A bit surreal. It was just a ticket but the timing couldn't have been worse.

    @Mantooth (again!:): Yeah Maddox is too busy enjoying his fame, his new book, vblog, to keep doing the only thing that made him famous: epic burns across the board. I wouldn't watch his vblog on YouTube if I were you...totally killed my image of him. I check in now and then and I think he only does a couple posts a year.

    @Tal Zahn: I knew I'd have to give y'all something a little extra in exchange for the bandwidth lol Glad you came!

    @hunter time: Yup, well sorta. Delerium has really changed and the sound isn't what it used to be. I think Nuages Du Monde was good, not great so no, not as popular.

    @amidoinitrite?: That, my dear, is why I love'em.

    @Tornado Jackson: You're SOsweet! Thx a mint for the compliment and the encouragement. It's not easy for anyone trying to stand out in a crowd, but turning heads online I didn't think I stood a chance. I'll definitely come check you out!

    @William: I think they have this image of me that doesn't include my hobby...or any hobbies for that matter. So instead of changing their image, they want me to change. I'm a stubborn gal :P

    @Anti-1337: *hugs* No problem. And I'll have you know it's your fault I've been googling Otakon chix, ravers, and cosplay all frickin afternoon. Ur bad girl, sosobad.

    @Cynthia: *whispers* 'bout done yet? lol

  33. I love Tiesto! Last rave I went to was EDC.. can't wait for the next one!

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    Good:)) Go!!!

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    I think it's Johnn, he makes knives and I think he's pretty good at it. Iz he hidin from us?

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