04 November, 2011

KC's back, mmK? See! PERIOD!!!

So I B slackin. But get ready for my upcoming post which I promise will contain none of the boring bitchy details of my disappearance and more kandy for your viewing pleasure!

K. See? ---period.

24 September, 2010

OK, here goes everyhing...

I've decided to preserve the flow of this blog by moving the story to my St. Elmo's Fire (previously known as an arcanely long boring and stupid title). You can easily find it here: St. Elmo's Fire: All Bi Myself

 I'm going to be blogging for a while but once I take care of you guys I'll come back through for more raver chix!!!

Party On,


23 September, 2010

Raving Lunatic

Hi everyone, I know my updates have been few and far between. There's some really sweet comments from you guys that I'll respond to ASAP (I promise). I've been so swamped lately with school, work, and personal stuff. I'll tell you more soon, I think I'd like to share something very personal with all of you to vent and maybe get your take on a few things. *smiles*

Kai Cea dot

19 September, 2010


I just wanted to point out that for the past week AdSense ads on this blog actually make some fucking sense. The battle is over, I've won the war. lol No more 'insurance ads' on this site! :)

Now, for why you came...

STEP 3: ???


17 September, 2010

Blog Updates!

Sending my love out to all you guys and gals. Thanks for CLICKing your way here! Obviously I've been keeping myself busy and haven't had or taken the opportunity to pander to my petite obsession.

Made a slight change: the streaming trance widget was awesome, but autorolled which annoyed you and yours truly. It's gone. *yay*

Thanks largely to your suggestions I've decided that most of my drama will continue to be found here, but the occasional idle rambling that I think might interfere with the 'feel' of this site will be found on my other blog. For what's here I think it's a good idea to split them into different posts though. Thanks Tal Zahn!
Tal Zahn

So that's that.

14 September, 2010

Raves, Ravers, Personal Shit?

Hey buddies!
I've been looking over my posts and see how the content of this blog is starting to skew from the topic. I seem to be airing a lot of personal laundry lately and that's overtaken the 'raver chicks' concept that I was looking for. Now, I have set up a second blog where I can share my personal stuff and keep this raver chicks-only. What I'm really interested in is this:

Do you guys want raver chicks AND my personal shit in one lump sum?


Would you like one raver chicks blog AND a personal shit blog?

Here is the link to may alternate blog:


Please leave your thoughts on this here. (Look left for cheesy poll with EXTRA cheese!)

Yours Truly,

Kay Cee Dot

Pending responses to the above question, I have some pics for ya! To my discredit, had completely forgotten about the Comic-con/Otakon genre of raves. Thanks to Anti-1337 for costing me a beautiful Sunday afternoon on this little Mission: Obsessive. At least got a chance to hit the pool--had to leave though when it ended up being me and a couple of tweener boys. They just kept O.O looking at me. Ew, back in your cradle!

Ok, promised you some Otakon & Comic-Con pics...I delivar! This isn't typically my scene, so please forgive my naivety--but I'm finding that this genre seems to have (generally speaking) ...more clothes than that which I'm accustomed. But I found some stuff for ya!

Oh...I definitely choose you!

Jessica Nigri
oh my

Bees, Changes, Ticket

I was so worried, I could not find my bees tonight D: I was like ...baww, where'd they go? hOh! And then beeBAM, there they were! So now I see the bees and life is good! Breathing again!

Couple of changes you should notice is my streaming trance widget to your left. Interested to hear your thoughts on it. I am like right on the fence with it. Not happy I can't (or have not yet learned how to) adjust the width. But we'll see, can't be the only widget out there, yes? Oh and I adjusted the width...heh, gettin all webby now.

Thanks Anti-1337!!!
(credit goes here)
When to talk to the "Prosecutie" on my traffic ticket. Yeah, that was a sexy man. I really didn't stand a chance...so nice, so sweet. Wouldn't drop the ticket though. But at least it's not going to be on my record. $236 is what the plea agreement costs. $50 higher than paying it out right, but I figured it would spike my insurance more than that so lesser of evils, you know?

Sending a shout out to the bitch who gave me a ticket: Next time it'll be WORTH the trouble going to trial to show everyone how you let 4 cars before me roll through that stop sign before pulling me over. Wouldn't want to interrupt your coffee break. God knows your Daylight Donuts never actually see daylight. Oh, and kiss my ass. ;P

Thanks I found some GREAT cosplay, Otakon, and Comic-Con '09 pix to share, but I'm really tired tonight. So I'll at least throw up a lil taste for y'all, k?

Oh there's more...and I guarantee you'll love it. Can't wait to tell y'all what happened with Professor Douchebag...heheheh Thanks for visiting, don't forget to spread the love!