14 September, 2010

Bees, Changes, Ticket

I was so worried, I could not find my bees tonight D: I was like ...baww, where'd they go? hOh! And then beeBAM, there they were! So now I see the bees and life is good! Breathing again!

Couple of changes you should notice is my streaming trance widget to your left. Interested to hear your thoughts on it. I am like right on the fence with it. Not happy I can't (or have not yet learned how to) adjust the width. But we'll see, can't be the only widget out there, yes? Oh and I adjusted the width...heh, gettin all webby now.

Thanks Anti-1337!!!
(credit goes here)
When to talk to the "Prosecutie" on my traffic ticket. Yeah, that was a sexy man. I really didn't stand a chance...so nice, so sweet. Wouldn't drop the ticket though. But at least it's not going to be on my record. $236 is what the plea agreement costs. $50 higher than paying it out right, but I figured it would spike my insurance more than that so lesser of evils, you know?

Sending a shout out to the bitch who gave me a ticket: Next time it'll be WORTH the trouble going to trial to show everyone how you let 4 cars before me roll through that stop sign before pulling me over. Wouldn't want to interrupt your coffee break. God knows your Daylight Donuts never actually see daylight. Oh, and kiss my ass. ;P

Thanks I found some GREAT cosplay, Otakon, and Comic-Con '09 pix to share, but I'm really tired tonight. So I'll at least throw up a lil taste for y'all, k?

Oh there's more...and I guarantee you'll love it. Can't wait to tell y'all what happened with Professor Douchebag...heheheh Thanks for visiting, don't forget to spread the love!



  1. Awesome. I can't wait to see what happened with the professor!

  2. love to mah bro


    check this too to find new interesting blogs to luv daily


  3. wow that girl in the last picture was really cute

  4. I was wondering where that music was coming from.

    Gotta love a bit of cosplay.

  5. Super story.
    Daily support.

  6. I like the Cammy cosplay!

    And yes, police tend to be stupid when it comes to giving tickets. >_>

  7. If you slept with the professor I'm going to be very disappointed and aroused. I hope you know that.

  8. supportin you ;)
    nice post i like it ;)

  9. hmm, I blog with the sound off, but I turned it on just for you... pretty cool

  10. This post has piqued my interests

  11. lol lots of role playing could be done =D


  12. showing daily support and the pic with the vest was pretty funny

  13. a bit late but still here for the daily love!

  14. I'm gonna do unspeakable things (in a bloody way) to the bitch that gave you a ticket. Slowly. >:)

  15. It's good to see someone fight the law these days. Cops can be dbags sometimes :/

  16. This is pleasantly distracting.


  17. good job, your blog has a strong following