08 September, 2010

Guilty Raver Feels Guilty, Rave Chicks:stand back...

To my wonderful readers:
I cannot begin to express how guilty I feel right now about what I did last night. I feel like I genuinely betrayed/snubbed so many of my closest online friends. Friends that I've come to know and love and really appreciate not only for what they contribute to my life--my happiness--but for their ability to put themselves out there and take a risk, large or small, to share themselves with me. I know it's probably silly but it's been eating at me.

Let me explain: It was 3a.m. (0300hrs) and I was in Google Reader playing this never-ending game of catch-up. Yesterday I had narrowed unread posts to 325 from a whopping 514! I went to my classes and when I returned Google Reader said I had about 475 unread. "OK," I said, "I can do this!."

So one by one I viewed and read and contributed. At 3a.m. I had 482 unread blogs. I hadn't caught up, and I realized that throughout this week with school and work I stand no chance whatsoever.

That's when I did it...I couldn't stop myself. I saw the button, I clicked it, and for an instant it felt good.

"Mark all as read"

That's when it hit me. I would never have the opportunity to see what these people wanted to share. I can no longer add my $0.02 to theirs. Those discussions are for all intents and purposes...gone. And if I couldn't even keep up last night, will I ever be able to?

So to my blogger family, I offer my sincerest gratitude for the love and support you've given me. And I will try to find a way to return it to you again and again. Can you forgive me?

Very sincerely,

I don't have much for you today because I spent all of last night supporting everyone else (had a blast though, even cried a little--cuz I'm a baby like that). But I wanted to drop in and share a couple of pictures and let you know what I'm working on. My next post (God willing) will be responses to all of the cool comments and questions you guys have left on my blog. One big "FanQ" post, if you will. And I think I can do it in a fun/entertaining way that everyone will enjoy. So if you got any questions shoot them my way gettem in while you can! Just bear in mind, I'm a big fan of Anonymous and anonymity (for many obvious reasons). But ask and comment whatever you like, I'm interested to see what you've all got on your minds! :)


  1. love the post... I want to see moar!

  2. Guilty? There's no need for that. Those raver chicks though... I don't know about those.

  3. it is Ok to be tired of writing to everyone, and although im not one of them, I would forgive you.

    Blogging can be crazy at times but its definately fulfilling when you know that people are reading.

  4. Hoho


  5. Its ok, you try your hardest to read everyones stuff. But with school and work and everything its tuff. I have a hard time doing it with just a dozen or so blogs so I don't envy you. Keep doing what your doing. :)

  6. raver chicks are cute eh? Supporting!

  7. thanks for your comment. it truly helped.

  8. Hi. I come by and check your blog daily. I hope you check mine too.

  9. following 'n' supportin bro

    imma showin mah luv!!!! ;)


  10. It's ok, atleast you tried!!! some people wont even bother <3

  11. you should be ashamed of yourself for what you did, but you're attractive so i support you

  12. nice :)
    cool blog
    supporting you ;)

  13. Hey, don't beat yourself up about it, okay? Everyone does only what they can, no more, no less. At the time, in your mental state, you did only what you could. There's no shame to be had here.

  14. *puts back*
    But we can love her!

  15. that's something I definitely have to try!

  16. Oh very nice blog, i really like this kind of music !

  17. I can understand... i think if I ever get up to your subscriber count, I would probably only read those who comment to me so I know who actually is also reading my blog too. Sometimes the others aren't really watching and all. I know it's kind of harsh to say it like that, but sometimes you have to do these sorts of things to keep your sanity.