06 September, 2010

Everybody TAKE IT OFF

I'm gonna start this show off with the credits cuz I try to give them where they're due whenever I can! As you're all aware I wouldn't have a blog right now if it weren't for all of you. So here's a happy hello and thank you to all my friends from

Sorry, it was just too cute not to...

You're all the best! I'm still wore out from Friday night's extracurricular activities and my Monster (drink) hasn't kicked in yet so bear with me. Might do some minor editing when I'm fully conscious. So what next huh? Probly field a couple a comments?

redbaron: Yes, candy flipping, or flipping is a blend of tripping and rolling, or as you put it acid + e. You can get them prepackaged in a single tablet or go down with separate tabs. Just go easy, don't go for full trip and roll when mixing it up.

Flobsn: do you have any cyberpunk outfits? ;D  

haha I know I LOVE seeing people wear those or steampunk, but I don't think they look good on me. So I got like one pair of goggles.

jarrixi: I would visit this place daily if you promise to post fine female specimens such as the ones pictured. 
I can but promise to do my best. Don't wanna miss (too many) classes. 

Johnn: There's some cute girls there, but I could never get into this scene, I don't think. I just don't care for drugs :x  
Raves and drugs have a symbiotic relationship. Both I think can survive, but together they thrive. If you like the music and the crowd I still suggest going to a rave and checking it out. 

Slumph: said... rave = neon, techno.. and lights.. well.. and maybe E's ;] 

LOL...well put, but lets not forget the pumping, bumping, and of course the grinding eh? I'm running out of time to throw this post up. I wanted to give a couple of shoutouts but it will have to wait until later tonight :(

[Edit: Temporary Ke$ha video removed, relaced my Tiƫsto]

I really hope you like it! Crap, no time for pics, but I'll gettem up as fast as I can, ok jarrixi???


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